Annual flag football game gives the athletes a chance to put their fitness and training to the test.
Football Anyone?
Everyone's ready for the annual great pumpkin run. One of many fitness events offered to clients and friend of Fitness Excellence®
A couple of our friends with fitness benefits ready for the pumpkin run. A night time trail run while carrying the pumpkin of your choice and performing various exercising along the way. Another fun way to celebrate the health and fitness levels achieved throughout the year.

Quote of the Day

Who is Fitness Excellence®?

A community of fitness enthusiasts that extends across the United States and is open to the world. The athletes who commit themselves to a life in pursuit of Fitness Excellence® range from youth to adult and varying levels of fitness. The community is comprised of everyday athletes working to maintain a healthy lifestyle while managing the commitments to family, careers, friends and life. We support and encourage each other to Strive Always for Excellence in everything we do in life and fitness.

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1. No whining, No excuses, No limits.

2. You must want to achieve a higher level of fitness for YOURSELF, not for someone else.

3. You get what you give.

4. Make healthy living part of your EVERYDAY lifestyle. There are 10,080 minutes in a week. You can find 30-60 minutes, 3-5 times per week to care for your body.

5. Being inspired and inspiring others.

6. Constantly challenging yourself mentally and physically to achieve your personal level of Fitness Excellence®.

7. Discipline, Determination, Consistency and Balance = Healthy Results.

8. Goals are established and programs are designed for the individual based on their needs and fitness profile.

9. Anything worth having is worth working for.

10. Personal attention, Professionalism and Pride is applied to every relationship.

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