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We like to say, “We’ve been doing Boot Camps before Boot Camps were cool.” As a fitness coach that has been conducting Boot Camp workouts for over 8 years you can be sure you are getting the most experienced, qualified and exhilarating Boot Camp workouts in the area and most likely the industry! Notice the date and if you can read the writing you’ll agree the drills and structure are appropriate even today and we were doing this back in 2003!
No single workout is ever the same and it’s the main reason we’ve continued coaching Boot Camp workouts for almost a decade. During this entire time we have maintained a core group of loyal, dedicated, and happy Boot Camp participants. We are adding new members every week. Will you be next?
Each session is 1 hour of Pure Fitness Excitement involving a dynamic warm-up, weighted jump rope, high intensity interval drills that include plyometrics, sprinting, body weight and resistance tube exercises, medicine balls and other challenging total body exercises, finishing with abs/core and stretching.
All sessions are conducted outdoors and require a minimum of 5 participants for each workout. The first session is ALWAYS FREE. Current participants who bring a friend – you AND the friend workout for FREE for that session!
This workout is recommended for ages 12 and up and for anyone who is athletic minded or interested in achieving Fitness Excellence®.

**INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: You will be notified via text and/or email at least 1 hour before a class’ start time if a class is cancelled due to inclement weather.

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